Thursday, June 16, 2016

Civility Watchdog: June 15, 2016, "Trump That" T-shirt

As thousands of Donald Trump supporters streamed out of an evening rally here [in Greensboro, NC] this week, they walked past a handful of vendors from Ohio selling simple white T-shirts featuring Hillary Clinton, Monica Lewinsky and a vulgar joke. The back of the shirts read: “TRUMP THAT B----!”

One woman laughed and said to the man with her: “You have to get one!” A group of four middle-aged women pulled out their wallets and tried to bargain the vendors down from $20. One of the vendors shouted again and again: “Trump that b----! Trump that b----!” A guy walking past responded: “That’s right!”

The front of the shirt features images of Clinton and Lewinsky with the wording: “Hillary sucks but not like Monica.”
-- From a June 16, 2016, story in the Washington Post by Jenna Johnson. The T-shirts refer to Democratic presidential candidate former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and are sold at rallies held by Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Comment: "Bitch" is vulgar language, and perhaps spans a few different kinds of name-calling, including sexual, "subhuman", and "disgusting".

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