Friday, December 26, 2014

"Code Words and Dog Whistle Politics" Examples: 2014

EXAMPLES AND ANALYSIS: 2014 "Code Words and Dog Whistle Politics"
I attended local meetings where the white community in Ferguson pretended that nothing happened, huge church meetings were held where few African-Americans were invited, and the passive/aggressive "I Love Ferguson" campaign acted as a racial dog whistle that everyone could hear.
-- Pundit Jason Johnson November 28, 2014.

Pfeiffer is the White House adviser who apparently gave Geithner a Sunday talk show prep session in 2011. In his memoir, "Stress Test: Reflections on Financial Crises," Geithner wrote that he objected when Pfeiffer wanted him to say Social Security "didn't contribute" to the federal deficit.
"It wasn't a main driver of our future deficits, but it did contribute," Geithner wrote. "Pfeiffer said the line was a 'dog whistle' to the left, a phrase I had never heard before. He had to explain that the phrase was code to the Democratic base, signaling that we intended to protect Social Security."
Asked Wednesday about that meeting, Geithner expressed gratitude for Pfeiffer's guidance.
He said Pfeiffer was being "helpful," by pointing out "that we didn't want to look like our proposals ... were proposals that were going to appear to some as cutting Social Security benefits to cover the shortfalls."
-- Reported on Fox News, May 14, 2014. The report concerns a memoir published by former Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, which relates a conversation he had in 2011 with Dan Pfeiffer, a senior advisor to President Barack Obama, whose cabinet Geithner was part of at the time.

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