Monday, December 29, 2014

"Struck a Nerve" Examples: 2012

EXAMPLES AND ANALYSIS: 2012 "Struck a Nerve"
"I know a lot of people think, "Come on, Rush you lose one election, you go over the deep end with this kind of thing. We haven't gotten there yet." I'm afraid among the people who vote, we have. I think this is something we've got to admit. Why do you think the left gets so ticked off at me when I describe their party as Santa Claus and Obama as Santa Claus? They get ticked off because it's right."
-- Radio pundit Rush Limbaugh, December 12, 2012.

Paul Ryan must have hit a home run last night -- otherwise liberals wouldn’t be going bonkers right now.
-- Columnist Shikha Dalmia, August 30, 2012, responding to criticism of remarks made by GOP vice presidential candidate Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) during his speech at the Republican National Convention.

Comment: Does the same reasoning work in the other direction? If a Democrat says something that meets with a huge wave of criticism, then therefore what that Democrat said must have been a truth-filled "home run"?

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